Join Our Nursing Team

If you want to have an active role in changing people’s lives for the better, Group Health offers you a wide open opportunity to realize your potential. As a model for innovative patient care, we’re attracting world-class health care professionals who want to set the trend, not follow it. With more than three dozen areas of nursing care available, you’re sure to find a position to move your career forward in an exciting way.

Whether you’re an ARNP, RN, LPN, MA, or CNA, you’ll be directly involved in the highest level of nursing care and clinical excellence. From primary and specialty care to surgical, maternal, and urgent care services, Group Health nursing is an integral part of our nationally respected patient-centered focus.

We value hiring only the most dedicated, experienced nurses; those who demonstrate a passion for their work and enjoy being part of a team where everyone works together to bring out the best in each. If you’re ready to be a major contributor to caring and healing those who trust their lives to us, you’ll find enormous satisfaction as a nurse here at Group Health.