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Dominic Femiano, MD

Dr. Dominic Femiano

Dom is a native Seattleite and was actually born at Group Health! He was raised in West Seattle and attended the University of Washington (UW) where he received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. As an undergrad, he spent several years researching thirst and brain development as well as working with the athletic department in academic services as a tutor for a variety of subjects. After UW, Dom moved east to attend Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia where he continued his involvement in research, medical outreach, and helped run a child literacy program. He is excited to be back in the Northwest for residency at Group Health. Professionally, he is planning to pursue further training in a sports medicine fellowship. Outside of medicine he enjoys the arts, checking out the Seattle restaurant scene, as well as strength and conditioning training.

Contact: Applicants can contact Dom at

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