Videos for Healthy Aging

Chris Fordyce, MDHealthy aging means doing things to prevent illness and injury, and managing any health problems you already have. It's never too late to make lifestyle changes that can improve how you feel and what you are able to do.

Dr. Chris Fordyce, a family medicine doctor at Group Health, talks about preventive care and explains how screening recommendations change as we get older.

She also demonstrates simple exercises to improve flexibility and balance.

Preventive Care

Preventive Health
Adult Immunizations
Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention

Cancer Screenings

Do You Need to Be Screened?
Breast Cancer Screening
Cervical Cancer Screening
Prostate Cancer Screening

Exercise Is the Best Medicine

Physical Activity
Balance, Part 1
Balance, Part 2
Balance, Part 3 (Using a Walker)

Coping With Health Issues

Preventing Chronic Illness