Dr. Alisa Hideg Column Archive

Dr. Alisa Hideg
Dr. Alisa Hideg, a family practice doctor at Group Health's Riverfront Medical Center in Spokane, writes the "House Call" column about wellness issues for all ages.

2015 Wellness Columns

Start Prenatal Care Before Pregnancy

What Sunscreen Ratings Mean

2013 Wellness Columns

Don't Ignore Urinary Problems

Surgery Can Give Cataract Sufferers a Clearer Future

Watching for Teen Dating Abuse

Improve Low Testosterone Without Drugs

Talk With Partners About Sexually Transmitted Infections

Digestive System Requires Care

2012 Wellness Columns

Support Loved Ones Struggling With Illness or Grief

Lower Your Risk of Drug Resistance

Strong Bones Are Vital as We Age

Sun Advice: Protect and Check Your Skin

Women Should Know Their Heart Attack Symptoms

Some Causes of Dementia Are Treatable

My Journey With Breast Cancer Series

What I Have Learned So Far
(Column 1)

Reducing Your Risk of Breast Cancer
(Column 2)

Cancer Impacts All Parts of Life
(Column 3)

Embracing Life As Cancer Treatment Ends
(Column 4)

2011 Wellness Columns

Holiday Tips to Avoid Overeating

Fight Diabetes With Healthier Food

Adjusting to an Empty Nest

Summer Cold or Allergies?

Take Control of Your Headaches

Ways to Manage Arthritis

2010 Wellness Columns

Spring Is a Good Time for a Skin Self-Exam

Take Action to Control Your Stress

Encourage Your Child to Get Moving

Be Aware of Symptoms for Kidney Disease

What Is Triggering a Winter Rash?

Protect Yourself Against Low Vision

Brain Trauma: Signs and Recovery

When Grief or Tragedy Impacts the Holiday Season

Organ Donations Are Gifts to Save Lives

Getting Rid of Head Lice

Why Vaccines Are Important