3- to 5-Day Checkup: Healthy Kids Series

This parenting information is part of the "Healthy Kids, Healthy Futures" series. These fact sheets may be given out by Group Health at routine checkups.


Breastfeeding Tips

Good News! Most breastfeeding problems can be prevented.

How do I know my baby is getting enough?

How do I position and latch correctly?

What do I do if I get sore nipples?

How do I prevent engorgement?

What if I become engorged?

Healthy Habits


Provide a safe environment for your child.


Illness and Fever

Rectal temperatures are the most accurate and are recommended for the first two months of life. Ear temperatures are not reliable at this age.

How do I take a rectal temperature?

How do I know if my baby is sick?

Newborn babies can get infections easily. Call your health care provider right away if your baby has any of these symptoms:

Next well-child visit: 1 to 2 weeks

Adapted with permission from Kaiser Permanente.

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Reviewed 04/01/2013