Action Plan to Get Moving

An action plan can help you take steps to get you moving or, if you're already active, raise your fitness level.

Start by thinking about how physically active you are now and what you want to do. Then decide how often you will get exercise, when you can do it, and where. It's important to have goals that are realistic for your fitness level now and to start activity routines that you can stick to.

Set an Exercise Goal

Here are some examples of specific goals:

Steps Toward Your Goal

Now think of how you can reach the goal. Use simple, doable ideas as the steps to your goal.

Here are examples of first steps:

Create Your Plan for Change

Use this Action Plan form (PDF) or create one of your own.

Tips for using an action plan:

Learning and adapting your plan:

Note: Keep your goals realistic. Start by taking small steps toward your goal. If you feel stuck or are having a hard time, ask a friend, family member, or your doctor for help.

Clinical review by Travis Abbott, MD
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Reviewed 03/01/2014
Local Walking Maps

To stick with an exercise plan, vary your routine and make it interesting. For example, check out walking routes in your area. Search online or contact your parks department or city and county. Here are some examples.