Action Plan to Lose Weight

An action plan can help you take steps toward reaching your goal of losing weight.

Start by thinking about why you’d like to lose weight and what changes you want to make. Then think about what changes will help you do this, such as making healthier food choices and being more active. You don't have to make several changes all at once. Decide on what’s important to you and set a goal.

Set a Specific Goal

Here are some examples of specific goals:

Steps Toward Your Goal

Once the goal is in mind, think of how you can reach the goal. Use simple, doable ideas as the steps to your goal. Here are examples of first steps to reach a goal:

Create Your Plan for Change

Use this Action Plan form (PDF) or create one of your own.

Tips for using an action plan:

Learning and adapting your plan:

Note: Keep your goals realistic. Start by taking small steps toward your goal. If you feel stuck or are having a hard time, ask a friend, family member, or your doctor for help.

Interactive Tools

The ChooseMyPlate website, from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, has tips to help you meet your goals. The interative tools include a BMI calculator and a tracker to record what you eat and drink, as well as your physical activity.

Clinical review by Travis Abbott, MD
Group Health
Reviewed 08/01/2013