Prenatal and Postpartum Classes, Resources, and Tours

The days and weeks leading up to the birth of your child are exciting ones filled with planning, preparation, and a whole lot of patience. Here, we've included resources to help you take the final steps toward the arrival of your little one. They help you be as prepared as possible for the moment your baby is finally in your arms — and for many of the moments afterward.

Classes and Resources

No doubt you've been reading about all things baby, but in-person classes offer you a chance to ask questions of trained professionals, interact with other expectant parents, and get hands-on training and information.

Topics include:

Labor and childbirth Parenting
Breastfeeding Grandparenting
Newborn care Prenatal and postpartum fitness
Sibling preparation Infant safety and development
Preparing for multiples Postpartum care

In the Seattle area, we recommend these organizations for safe and reliable information:

Ask your provider for information about classes in your area or contact Group Health's Resource Line.


In the Seattle area, birthing services for Group Health members are offered at Swedish First Hill. We recommend you take Swedish's Pre-Birth Tour approximately four to eight weeks before your due date. The walking tour takes about an hour and you'll have plenty of time to ask questions after you hear about these topics:

To register for a Swedish Pre-Birth Tour, call 206-215-3338 or visit Swedish Birth Center Tours.