woman awakening in morning Want to Sleep Better?
Group Health experts can help you understand what's behind your restless nights, and how to improve your sleep.

Time for a Mammogram?
For years, women were advised to have yearly mammograms, starting at age 40. Recently, though, medical experts are rethinking that recommendation based on new information.

Approaching Menopause
Try these remedies to ease the symptoms of perimenopause.

Heart Disease in Women
Women's symptoms often are different than chest pain and other signs of heart disease in men.

Are You Drinking Too Much? Are You Drinking Too Much?
How to assess your drinking habits and find help.

Are You Ready for a Baby?
Get your body in shape now, before you get pregnant.

Spotting an Unhealthy Relationship
Sometimes, the time spent with a friend or partner is more stressful than soothing.


Your doctor and medical team may use these guidelines to make decisions and recommendations about your care.