Heart Care Resources

Kaiser Permanente offers support and resources to help you maintain healthy lifestyle choices.

Exercise Programs

EnhanceFitness is an exercise program for members in our Medicare plan to improve balance, flexibility, daily functioning, and mental wellness.

SilverSneakers consists of one-hour fitness classes twice a week at participating private health clubs and YMCAs in Western Washington for members in our Medicare plan. As a bonus, participants get basic membership privileges in the club where the classes are held.

Senior Zoo Walkers is a low-cost walking program that promotes fitness and well-being among seniors. Participants meet at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for warm-up stretches and walks through the zoo led by a fitness leader.

Tobacco, Chemical Dependency, and Mental Health

To kick the tobacco habit, Kaiser Permanente recommends the Quit For LifeĀ® Program which offers group and individual phone-based programs.

Behavioral Health Services coordinates all mental health and chemical dependency care for Kaiser Permanente patients. Treatment is offered for drug and alcohol dependency as well as emotional and mental health issues.

Other Resources

The Resource Line has a variety of printed materials on various heart topics, such as controlling high blood pressure and reducing cholesterol in your diet. In addition, the Resource Line can provide information on classes, support groups, and programs at Kaiser Permanente and in the community.

Living Well With Chronic Conditions offers six-session workshops for people with chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. Workshops emphasize problem solving, confidence building, and use of action plans. These workshops teach people to use various skills to help them better manage their condition and work more effectively with their health care providers.

If you're not sure if you need urgent or emergency care, call the Consulting Nurse Service and speak to one of our registered nurses before or after regular clinic hours. You can also call the nurse with questions or concerns about self-care.

Clinical review by Kristine Moore, RN
Kaiser Permanente
Reviewed 03/01/2014