Working the Lean Way at Group Health

We are creating a culture of ongoing improvement at Group Health using "Lean" methods. Lean changes how staff members work together, with better alignment from the top managers to the front lines, and across departments. Lean helps us to maximize the value we bring to our patients and members, while minimizing waste.

Lean is used throughout the organization, from determining how patients and staff will experience our newest medical center to improving the way claims are handled.

Our Lean Journey

Group Health started using Lean in 2004, making small but meaningful improvements in a few departments.

More recently, Lean was key in expanding the medical home care model to all our 25 medical centers, making the patient's relationship with their personal care physician the core of all that we do.

Today we use a Lean-based management system to help us run the business side of Group Health so we can offer great care at an affordable cost.

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