Northwest Health Winter 2010

Online Medical Records Set Group Health Apart

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One of the greatest advantages for members receiving care at Group Health medical centers is that clinicians in all our care facilities — including our Urgent Care Centers — have access to your medical records.

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They know, for example, what medical conditions you've been treated for recently, which tests you've already had, and if you have any allergies. A record of any tests, diagnoses, or treatment you receive in an Urgent Care Center is immediately available to your personal physician and any other clinicians who will be involved in your follow-up care.

Online medical records also help patients' family members. When Mark Berens's 3-year-old daughter fell and hit her head, his wife, Kate, took her to the Urgent Care Center at our Capitol Hill Campus in Seattle.

"I couldn't reach Kate while they were there to find out how Lily was doing because cell phones aren't allowed," says Berens. "So I logged on to MyGroupHealth and checked Lily's medical record. Her after-visit summary was already posted, saying that all was well and my wife and daughter had left for home. Getting that update online was so convenient, and it put my mind at ease."

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