Northwest Health Winter 2012

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Scott Armstrong

When I arrive at work each morning, I have a choice — take the stairs or ride the elevator? When ordering from a restaurant menu, should I order the fish or a steak? If my doctor recommends that I take vitamin D, how important is it for me to do this?

Each day, we're faced with dozens of choices like these that affect our health in big and little ways. The fact is, most health care decisions we make don't happen in the doctor's office. They happen each and every day, wherever we are.

That's one of the reasons Group Health invests in tools to support you in making good choices about your health, the health of your family, and the health of your community.

In recent years, we've invested in online services on MyGroupHealth, the member section of our website. (Register to get access.) You can take the Health Profile — a quick survey that asks about your current health and conditions, and gives you customized information about small steps you can take to improve your health. Quizzes and decision aids empower you with information to help you become a full partner in your care with your doctor and other health providers.

If you have a smartphone — either an iPhone or one that uses the Android platform — you can download the new Group Health app that places many of the MyGroupHealth services and tools in the palm of your hand, wherever you are. This magazine is another important tool we use to share health information you can use in your everyday life. For instance, in this issue you'll find stories to aid you in making smart choices when you eat out, help you get moving again after a serious illness, and introduce you to the benefits of meditation.

Contributing to the health of our community also benefits us all. That's one reason we sponsor fitness events throughout the state, and why we're supporting the development of Professor Wellbody's Health Academy, an exhibit at the Pacific Science Center scheduled to debut late this year. It's designed to demonstrate to kids of all ages how personal choices affect health.


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