Foundation Stewardship Committee

The Foundation Stewardship Committee conducts local fundraising campaigns and promotes the Foundation in local communities. Our three regional committees include Central and Eastern Washington and North Idaho, North Puget Sound, and South Puget Sound.

If you're interested in serving on a Foundation Stewardship Committee, contact Babette Beckham at 1-866-389-5532 or 253-383-7852.

East of the Cascades

Joanna Baker
Financial analyst, Group Health Cooperative

Catherine Brazil
Director, Public Relations, Cowles Company

Jennifer Day, MPH
Executive assistant, Spokane Falls Community College

Kelly Elkins
Retired, Marketing, Group Health Cooperative

Candis Lee Englant
Community Volunteer

Wendy Hertlein
Underwriter, Group Health Cooperative

Pat Hertlein
Community Volunteer

Jeff Jones
Account manager II, Sales, Group Health Cooperative

Jean Kindem
Retired, Government Programs and Operations, Group Health Cooperative

Judith Mayes
Community volunteer

Jennifer Shauvin
Sales representative, Group Health Cooperative

Jennifer Wilbur
Regional Director, Clinical Operations, Group Health Cooperative

North Puget Sound

Luise Asif
Retired, Group Health Cooperative

Jeanne Large
Community volunteer

Kim Nichols
HIM specialist, Group Health Cooperative

Eileen Paul, RD, CD, CDE
Retired, Nutrition Services, Group Health Cooperative

Carol Taylor, MN, RN
Executive Director, Clinical Operations, Group Health Cooperative

South Puget Sound

Ed Carlson, MD
Retired, Group Health Physicians

Charles Keck, MD
Retired, Group Health Physicians

Deanna Rappe
Community volunteer

Gail Alexis Ray, MA, ABS
Retired, Governance Services, Group Health Cooperative

Kimberly Reiken-Fisher
Manager, Patient Access, Group Health Cooperative

Gaylyn Sanders
Administrative assistant, Home Health & Hospice

Judith L. Smith
Community Volunteer

Ann Stowe
Community volunteer

Janice Wharton, RN, MBA
Assistant administrator, Group Practice Division, Group Health Cooperative

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