Teen Pregnancy and Parenting Clinic

A teen mom holds her newborn

The Teen Pregnancy and Parenting Clinic (TPPC) was founded in 1990 by Michael Madwed, MD, and is a highlight of our residency program. TPPC is the only family physician-run, multidisciplinary clinic in the nation to provide care to pregnant and parenting teens and their children. The clinic has received national recognition for its high-quality services that result in fewer premature deliveries, low birth-weight newborns, cesarean sections, and repeat pregnancies.

While most residency programs are challenged for obstetrics and pediatric experiences, TPPC provides the opportunity for both — and in conjunction with underserved populations. The continuity of care at TPPC allows our residents to provide prenatal, delivery, postpartum, and newborn care as well as contraception counseling. Common procedures at TPPC include circumcision and Implanon and IUD placements. Dental care is also provided during well-child visits. This combination of adolescent medicine, prenatal care, obstetrics, and pediatrics at TPPC equals true family medicine training.

A teen mom hold her newbornTPPC offers a team approach to care with an experienced nurse, dietician, social worker, and medical assistant in addition to the family practice attendings and residents. Second- and third-year residents provide the longitudinal primary care and are responsible for deliveries and postpartum care for teen patients. This expands residents' outpatient continuity for obstetrical experience and exposes them to the multitude of complicating factors often associated with teen pregnancy. Twice monthly well-child clinics allow for further continuity and parenting guidance, demonstrating the value of a family physician throughout the course of pregnancy and child rearing.