Governance and Participation

Group Health and Kaiser Permanente

This past March, Group Health members voted to approve the resolution that supports Kaiser Permanente's acquisition of Group Health.

This decision came after members, staff, and others from the community were able to learn about the proposed acquisition and discuss the future of Group Health. Information was shared and questions answered through e-mail and mail outreach, Town Hall meetings around the state, dedicated websites, phone inquiries, and a Special Meeting of the Membership.

What's Next
In Washington, the pending acquisition is under review by the Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner (OIC), which will take some time to complete. As part of the review process, the OIC hosted three public forums around the state. The OIC review process will also include a public hearing, after which the Commissioner will make a final determination.

Open Enrollment
The proposed acquisition will not change the plan or benefits Group Health members select during 2016 Open Enrollment, which means you can count on the health care plan, benefits, and the physician you know and trust in 2017.

How to Stay Informed
Information and frequently asked questions about the pending acquisition are available in a special News and Updates section.

Members Make the Difference

The Group Health mission truly comes to life when members get involved. From the very first meetings to current business decisions, Group Health is built on consumer participation. Hundreds contribute in many ways — from medical center, hospice, and Resource Line volunteers to peer instructors for Living Well With Chronic Conditions workshops, from Senior Caucus to consumers on the Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee. The Group Health story is really hundreds of stories of members connecting to help serve the greatest number.

  • Tom Brewer

    "Group Health is a huge part of my life. I've been a member since 1982, served on our Board of Trustees twice, and later was chair of our Senior Caucus. (And in return received a great education on health care organizations.) I have been part of many meaningful opportunities to help shape Group Health and what it does for the people of Washington State. I'm immensely proud of what we've accomplished."

  • Carlye Teel

    "Many of the Senior Caucus members have received health care from Group Health and have been actively involved with the organization for decades. We love and believe in Group Health. But we also believed the proposed acquisition by Kaiser Permanente offered the best path forward, and strongly endorsed the acquisition of Group Health by Kaiser Permanente soon after the announcement was made."

  • Floyd Hutton

    "I've been a volunteer with the Group Health Resource Line for almost 30 years and talked to thousands of Group Health members who have been looking for help. Whether someone needs a health and wellness class, facts about a health condition, or ways to cope during a difficult time in their life, we help them find the right support and it can make a tremendous difference."


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