Choose or Change Your Personal Physician

One of the most important things to do as a new member is to select a personal physician who will be your primary care provider (PCP).

Depending on your health plan and where you live, you can choose a Kaiser Permanente doctor who practices at one of our 25 Kaiser Permanente locations or another physician who is in-network for your plan.

Why Choose Care at Kaiser Permanente medical offices?

Reasons to Choose a Doctor Now

By choosing a doctor right away, you:

  • Don't spend time figuring out your options if you get sick or are injured.
  • Are less likely to go to an emergency room for a non-emergency condition, saving you money.
  • If you register for our secure online services, you need to select a Kaiser Permanente doctor to see all services, such as secure e-mail with your doctor and online lab results.

Find a Personal Physician

Use our Provider Directory to find a personal physician who is a good match for you. The "Washington Permanente Medical Group" box shows providers at Kaiser Permanente's 25 clinics. The other care categories show both Kaiser Permanente doctors and providers in any additional networks included in your health plan.

Provider Directory

Narrow your search: Make sure your health plan is entered in the search area. After you choose a care category, go to "Refine your results" on list page. 

Want to start another search? Click on “Kaiser Permanente” at the top left.

Contact Member Services during regular business hours if you have questions about our doctors, your choices, or want help in making a selection.

Next Step: Select the Doctor

Once you've found someone you want as a personal physician, make the selection by telling us who you want as your PCP.

To notify us online:

  • Sign on to this website. (You first must register.)
  • Go to our Provider Directory and click on the Medical Care box.
  • To choose a primary care provider, open his or her profile page, and click on the blue button labeled "Choose me." This opens a short online form.

To notify us by phone:

Call Member Services during regular business hours and tell us your choice for personal physician.

Change Your Doctor Any Time

You can change your personal physician at any time, for any reason. Simply select a new personal physician, who then replaces your previous doctor. Follow the same steps as above to choose a doctor.

If you are registered on the member website and your personal physician is at a Kaiser Permanente medical office location, you'll see your new personal physician's name on your secure home page, usually within one business day.