Important Member Information

As a new member, there are several important documents to help you understand your health coverage and access your care.

Member Identification Card

You and each member of your family will receive an ID card. At top, you'll find your name, identification number and your plan name. Below on the left are numbers that help us process your pharmacy claims.

On the back of the card you'll find contact numbers for Member Services and our Consulting Nurse Service.

Use your ID number to:

  • Make or cancel appointments.
  • Check in for an appointment.
  • Order or pick up prescriptions.
  • Get laboratory or X-ray services.
  • Receive emergency care.
  • Sign on to the Kaiser Permanente member website.

See examples of member ID cards.

Benefits Booklet (Certificate of Coverage)

Your benefits booklet contains detailed information about the benefits and services covered under your health plan, your plan's exclusions, and the amount of your copayments and other cost shares for office visits, prescriptions, and other services. For Medicare members, this medical coverage document is called the "Evidence of Coverage." It's available at Kaiser Permanente member website once you register.

If you want a printed version of your coverage document, use the request card sent to you in the mail when you enrolled or contact Member Services.

Provider Directory

Use our Provider Directory to find primary care doctors, specialists, and other health care providers available to you under your health plan. If you want a printed version of the Provider Directory, contact Member Services.

Member Guide

The Member Guide provides information to help you understand your health plan and how to access your care, including descriptions of key services.

Drug Formulary

Kaiser Permanente's drug formulary is a list of medications covered by your health plan. The formulary includes both generic and certain brand-name drugs. You can check the formulary to see whether a drug you use is listed.

Glossary of Health Coverage and Medical Terms

Ever wondered what a particular medical or health plan term means? This glossary (PDF) helps you understand many commonly used terms and expressions.

Note: This glossary isn't a Kaiser Permanente document. It was created by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget for educational purposes.

Language Assistance

If you or someone you know needs professional language assistance (such as translation services) in getting health care or plan information, this is available at no extra cost. Please call Member Services and request language assistance.