New Member Toolkit

Welcome to your Group Health plan. To get started building your
healthiest life, register for MyGroupHealth. Let's go!

After registering, log in anytime to:

  • Manage, reorder, refill prescriptions
  • Manage your bills
  • Access health and wellness resources

Group Health Medical Centers

When you get care at Group Health Medical Centers, you can also schedule appointments, see lab results, email your doctor, and access your medical records.

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Transfer Your Prescriptions

After your prescriptions are transferred, log in to manage refills. You can also use our convenient mail order service, which often offers the lowest cost shares.

To transfer your prescriptions, you can:

New Member Pharmacy Information (PDF)

Choose Your Personal Physician

Log in to make your choice — it's as easy as clicking a button on the Provider Directory profile. Or call Customer Service at 206-901-4636 or toll free at 1-888-901-4636.

Learn more about choosing a doctor

Complete Your Health Profile

Log in to take the health assessment and get an instant online report. Take the report to your first appointment with your new doctor to start building your healthiest life.

Learn more about the health profile

In the middle of treatment?

To transfer your care and prescriptions to Group Health, get in touch right away:

Transition of Care Request Form (PDF)

Transition of Care Guidelines and Requirements (PDF)

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