Support for Our Group Health Mobile App


What are the application requirements?


  • iOS 8.0 or later
  • iPhone 4s or later
  • iPad 2 or later


  • Android 4.2 or later
  • 8 MB of free space

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How do I install the application?

iPhone on a computer:

  • Go to our app in the iTunes Store.
  • Click "install."
  • Sync your device.

On an iPhone (same for iPad):

  • Tap the App Store icon.
  • Search for Group Health.
  • Tap "install."

On an Android device:

  • Tap the Play Store icon.
  • Search for Group Health.
  • Tap "install."

Do I need an Apple ID (iPhone only)?
Yes, an Apple ID is required by Apple to download applications on your iPhone mobile device.


How much does the Group Health app cost?
It's free.

Can I use the app on my iPod Touch or iPad?
Yes, on both.

What about other smartphones (Windows, Blackberry)?
No decision has been made about other mobile devices at this time.

Login and Security

How do I log in to My Care features on the app?
To get access to these personal online services, you must be registered on the MyGroupHealth for Members website. For most services, you also must get your care at a Group Health Medical Centers clinic, which means your medical records are part of Group Health's electronic record system.

The pharmacy refill service is available to all registered members, regardless of where they get health care.

After you register on our website, you can log in to My Care features on our app with your Group Health member ID and password.

For parental access, you must submit a form requesting access. (See below)

Do I have to log in every time?
You can save your Group Health login information on your mobile device so you don't have to log in each time.

If you save your Group Health login on your phone, Group Health recommends that you set a passcode lock for phone access.

See Apple's resources for the recommended iPhone security practices:

For Android phones, from the applications screen, tap Settings, then Security, and finally Screen Lock. (The exact words may vary slightly from phone to phone.)

Are the personal health services secure on my phone?
Yes, the mobile application uses the same security as MyGroupHealth. Personal medical data isn't available on your phone unless you install the app and are registered.

What happens if my phone is stolen and I've saved my Group Health password?
You can change your password by logging in to the MyGroupHealth for Members website. Then your saved password on your mobile device will have to be updated for access.

To change your password, log in to and go to "Update Your Profile" in the left column. You also can call Group Health's Customer Service during weekday business hours to have your password changed.

If you save your Group Health password on your pone, Group Health recommends that you set a passcode for your mobile devices.


Are most website features on the app?
Many of the personal online services on the MyGroupHealth for Members website also are available on our app. The personal services that aren't on the app are the Health Profile questionnaire and report, and your health plan coverage information.

Will I have parental access as soon as I register on MyGroupHealth?
After you register and get access for yourself, you'll need to take another step. You'll need to fill out a form for each child, take into any Group Health Medical Center, and show identification.
How to request parental access

Customer Service Support

If you didn't find the help you need with our app, contact Customer Service for support with Group Health's mobile app.

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