Group Health Pharmacy Information

Group Health Medical Centers has 21 pharmacies in Western Washington, four pharmacies in Spokane, and a mail-order service. Filling your prescriptions at Group Health Medical Centers pharmacies gives your Group Health doctors and pharmacists easy access to your medication records so they can review your medications with you and check all medications for unwanted interactions. It also allows you to use our online or telephone refill system and have your prescriptions mailed to your home, with great prices and free shipping.

If you currently get your prescriptions filled at a contracted community pharmacy, you can transfer them to the Group Health Medical Centers pharmacy system using our online form (log on to MyGroupHealth and go to the "Medications" section), calling or dropping in to a Group Health Medical Centers pharmacy, or mailing or faxing the printed prescription transfer form.

Transfer Prescription form (PDF)

If you do not live near a Group Health Medical Centers pharmacy and don't want to use our mail-order service, you can have your prescriptions filled at one of our many contracted community pharmacies.

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Note: If you are allergic to any drugs, it is very important to tell your doctor and pharmacist. They will include this information in your records.

To fill a prescription, you need your Group Health member ID number. Be prepared to pay your cost-share for your medication when you pick it up.


You can refill your regular medications by calling your usual pharmacy at least one business day ahead of time. This is the best option if you need refills quickly.

Use our mail-order pharmacy service to refill prescriptions online or by telephone and have them delivered free of charge anywhere in the United States. Allow seven business days for this option.

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