Kaiser Permanente Mail-Order Services

Order your Kaiser Permanente prescription refills online, by phone, or using our mobile app for iPhone and Android smartphones. There's no shipping charge anywhere in the United States, and you can track your order online.

Your order may take up to 7 business days to arrive. The best time to reorder is when you have about a 14-day supply of your medication remaining. This will ensure that you receive the medication you need, when you need it.

Order Online or With App

To order refills online or on your smartphone, you must be registered on our secure member website. Already registered? Just sign on and go to Medications on your secure homepage.

When you sign on, you'll see a list of prescriptions you can refill. You can order refills for prescription drugs and  over-the-counter medications  (if your doctor includes them as part of your care plan). Shipping is free. And, you can track your order online.

Pay with a bank card — credit or debit with the Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express logo — to order up to a 90-day supply for most refills.

You can also refill prescriptions using our mobile app for iPhone and Android smartphones after you register on the Kaiser Permanente member website.

Order by Phone Line

This service also is for refills only.  Our 24-hour automated phone line walks you through the process using recorded messages and keypad options. Have your member ID number, mailing address, prescription numbers, and payment information readily available. You can pay using a bank card. Call 1-800-245-RXRX (7979) or the number on your prescription bottle.

Order a New Prescription by Mail

To order a new prescription by mail, download and print the New Prescription Order Form (PDF) and send us your prescription and payment information. The mailing address is on the form.

Be sure that it is OK to wait several days before starting your new medication. If you need to start right away, please take your prescription to a Kaiser Permanente medical office pharmacy or a community pharmacy that is contracted with Kaiser Permanente. You can transfer to mail order for refills later.

Note: Please be sure to include the written prescription from your physician. Your physician can also send your prescription directly to the Kaiser Permanente mail-order pharmacy.

Transfer a Prescription

If you use a pharmacy that isn't owned or operated by Kaiser Permanente, you can switch to our mail-order service. When you sign on to your Kaiser Permanente website account, the Refill Prescriptions area of the site has an electronic transfer form to move your prescription to our system before ordering.

Or you can fill out a Transfer Prescription form (PDF) and mail or fax it to us. It will take about five working days to process the transfer. Once your prescription is confirmed in our central system, you'll be able to order online, with our mobile app, or by using the automated telephone system.