Personal Online Services

When you register with Kaiser Permanente's secure member website, managing your health care is easier.

(If you already registered as a Group Health member, your same member ID and password continue to work now that we are Kaiser Permanente.)

All registered members can use the secure services to refill prescriptions, choose a doctor, get a Health Profile report, and more. Members who get their primary care at Kaiser Permanente medical office will have additional services, including emailing their Kaiser Permanente doctors and making appointments online.

The Services

Refill prescriptions
Order Kaiser Permanente prescription refills online and have them sent to your home with free shipping.

*Email your health care team
Exchange secure email with Kaiser Permanente doctors, other members of your health care team, or the Consulting Nurse Service.

Choose a doctor
Use our online Provider Directory to find doctors covered by your health plan. Read short profiles of each doctor, then make your selection online. You also can change your personal physician at any time.

*View lab results and your online medical record
See your lab test results as soon as they are released, and chart your results over time. Your online medical record also includes your immunization records, blood pressure records, and a list of your current health conditions and allergies.

*Get access to your children's online records
From birth through age 12, access the same services and medical records you have in your own account. For ages 13 through 17, only some services are available.
How to Request Parental Access
Parental Access and Teens: FAQ

*Schedule appointments
Schedule appointments with your personal physician, specialists, or other members of your health care team at Kaiser Permanente medical offices.

*Pay medical bills online
If you are billed for medical services from Kaiser Permanente, you may pay your medical bill online.

*See your after-visit summaries
Review an online copy of the care summary that you are handed after a visit to a Kaiser Permanente medical office.

Check your health coverage and benefit usage
Your summary of benefits and coverage agreement are available online. You can view your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statements to check how your health plan claims were paid, and monitor your benefit usage and cost share payments.

Complete your Health Profile
Answer questions about your medical history and your lifestyle routines, and you'll receive a personal online report with suggestions on how to improve your health and lower your risk of certain diseases and conditions.

Getting Access

Follow the simple steps to register online. You'll create an account and be asked several questions to verify your identify.

 *This marks the additional services available if you get care at a Kaiser Permanente location in Seattle, other Puget Sound cities, or Spokane