When You Are Traveling

Traveling away from home? Plan ahead and know what to do if you need medical help on your trip.

Kaiser Permanente

Group Health members traveling outside our service areas (except for PPO plan members) can receive routine care from Kaiser Permanente where available. Visit the Kaiser Permanente website and select the area where you will be visiting. Students who attend school away from home may also receive care at Kaiser Permanente.

Note: Some services at Kaiser Permanente require pre-authorization. Contact Customer Service for information about your coverage at Kaiser.

Emergency and Urgent Care

Group Health covers medical emergencies worldwide. If you have a medical emergency while traveling, call 911 or the local emergency assistance number immediately. Then within 24 hours or as soon as reasonably possible, call our Hospital Notification Line at 1-888-457-9516 so we can follow up on your care.

If you need urgent care while traveling, please call your personal physician during office hours. After hours, call the Consulting Nurse Service or Customer Service.

Travel Advisory Service

Our Travel Advisory Service provides customized health recommendations for members traveling internationally, including providing travel vaccinations and medications. This service is not a covered benefit, and there is a fee for travel consultations.

Prescription Medicine

It's smart to plan ahead with your prescriptions. Be sure to pack enough medicine before you leave. Ask your doctor for a 90-day supply if you need it. For a 90-day supply, you will pay one copayment for each 30-day supply. We do not cover prescriptions that you fill outside our service area.

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