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Welcome! If you have had bariatric surgery or are approved and preparing for surgery, this section is for you. Get practical tips and ongoing education from Kaiser Permanente's bariatric clinical team. Share tips and experiences with other patients.


This month's topic: Protien Power
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Questions or concerns? Please always feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone We are available to support our patients.
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Bariatric Support Groups

We strongly encourage you to participate in a support group before and after surgery. With support from other patients, your journey to new daily routines is much smoother.

Back on Track group: For patients who had surgery at least two years ago and continue to struggle to lose weight or to maintain weight loss, at our Bellevue clinic.  See details in Support groups.

Support groups

Patient Handouts & Resources

Print journal pages for tracking your daily food, liquids and supplements; get book recommendations, lifestyle plans, and nutritional tips.

Daily Journal Form (PDF)

Bariatric Nutrition & Lifestyle Plan (PDF)

Protein 101 (PDF)

High Protein Shakes & Powders (PDF)

Medications & Vitamins After Bariatric Surgery (PDF)

Cookbooks, Magazines, Online Resources (PDF)

Questions and Comments

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