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Neurology Specialists

If you live outside the service area of our medical centers, use our Provider Directory to find a neurologist near you. If you need help finding a specialist or have questions about your health plan's coverage, contact Customer Service.


  • Craig Brooker, MD

    "I believe every person deserves the right to quality health care to the extent that our current scientific knowledge allows us to understand and treat disease."

    Group Health Bellevue Medical Center

  • Ming Hong, MD

    "Communication and education are the centerpiece of the highest quality neurological care."

    Group Health Bellevue Medical Center

  • Annette Huang, MD

    "It is my goal to provide the highest quality and personalized care for all my patients. I strive to cultivate mutual trust and build a partnership that encourages patient involvement in their care and decision making."

    Group Health Capitol Hill Campus South Specialty Center

  • Brian Ito, MD

    "I try to understand the nature of patients' problems and how they affect their lives. I then formulate a plan of care that is carried out with the primary care provider."

    Group Health Bellevue Medical Center

  • Kevin Kolostyak, MD

    "My approach is to form a relationship of mutual respect with my patients. I will provide professional guidance in our partnership to achieve the best management and promotion of my patients' neurologic care."

    Group Health Tacoma Medical Center

  • Lyudmila Petruk, MD

    "My goal is to provide comprehensive neurologic care in a personable and compassionate environment."

    Group Health Tacoma Medical Center

  • Benjamin Podemski, MD

    "Being a physician gives me a great opportunity to help my patients achieve better health through proper diagnosis and follow up with their treatment process. It is extremely rewarding to serve and get to know people through this bond of trust and mutual goals."

    Group Health Capitol Hill Campus South Specialty Center

  • Timothy Scearce, MD

    "I am honored to be entrusted with the care of each patient I see. I want them to experience the kind of medical care I would want for myself or my family. That is why I review the charts of each patient I see several days ahead of time. I make sure each patient has had a chance to tell me everything they feel I should know about their concerns and, at the end of the visit, I provide them with a personally typed note summarizing the diagnosis and plan we discussed during our visit."

    Group Health Capitol Hill Campus South Specialty Center

  • David Schmidt, MD

    "I am a teacher and a student with each patient. Patients come to me for help and advice, but often they contribute valuable help and advice as well. The question I always ask and try to answer is 'why,' which is often the one question that has previously be unanswered for my patients."

    Group Health Tacoma Medical Center

  • Edward Tay, MD

    "I strive to provide quality care in a manner in which I would want to be treated. My goal is for the patient to leave the office understanding his or her symptoms, diagnosis, and plan of care."

    Group Health Tacoma Medical Center

Contracted Neurology Specialists

These specialists work closely with Group Health patients throughout the Spokane area.

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