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Orthopedic Surgery at Group Health Medical Centers

We hope you won't ever need hip-replacement surgery, but if you do, Group Health's Dr. John Clark is the leader in the field. He started on hip replacements back in the mid-1990s and studied how to do them safely with the smallest possible incision. While he's a pioneer, he does surgery only when it will improve the patient's function, based on a decision both he and the patient make.

Whatever brings you to Group Health's Orthopedic Surgery department — bone and joint pain, fracture repair, hip laparoscopy, foot and ankle problems, orthopedic surgery, joint replacement, physical therapy, pain management, or rehabilitative medicine — you know you have a team of expert providers focused on your health.

In addition to the orthopedic specialists, our sports medicine colleagues do everything from arthroscopic rotator tears, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction, and meniscal transplants. Our newest sports medicine doctor, Dr. Rosemary Agostini, builds relationships with sports teams and also specializes in women's athletics.

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