20-something exercising

20s: Young and Healthy — Stay That Way!

If you're like many young women, your 20s are a time of big transitions. You may be living and making decisions on your own for the first time, and juggling many new responsibilities. It can be an exhilarating time, but also stressful. It's not the time to ignore your health. 

Begin with regular wellness visits. We'll discuss any concerns you have, whether they're about your physical, mental, or emotional health.
You're probably exploring your sexuality, and may even be considering a pregnancy. Or maybe you want information about the many contraception choices, and also how to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections (STIs). You're in the age group that's at high risk of STIs, so prevention and early detection through screenings is critical.

This is the time to start paying attention to things that will make a difference as you age — like your skin health and bone health. It's hard to think about those things in your 20s, but making smart choices today lays the foundation for the rest of your life.