40-something woman on beach

40s: Moving into Mid-Life

As a woman in your 40s, chances are you're busy juggling a career, home, family, and friends. If you have children, you may be ready to jump back into the job market now that they're older. Or you may find that you are enjoying more time for yourself.

No matter your life situation, this is a great time to take a more proactive approach to your health. Positive changes now — such as losing weight, exercising, regular wellness visits, and preventive care — will make a difference in the years ahead, since your risk of many diseases rises with age.

And as your hormonal levels decline due to approaching menopause, your cholesterol levels may start to rise — which can lead to high blood pressure and heart disease.

Many women enter perimenopause sometime in their 40s. This transition into menopause can take several years, and may or may not cause you difficulties along the way. We can help you understand what to expect, and how to ease any bothersome symptoms.

Watch for shifts in your emotional health as well as physical symptoms such as hot flashes. Because fluctuating hormones can cause anxiety, depression and changes in behavior, you may benefit from talking with your doctor or our specialists in Behavioral Health Services. Stress management is also key to maintaining good physical and mental health during these busy years.