Nutrition Services and Women

Woman Eating BroccoliTo help you get the nutrition you need, certified registered dietitians offer education on how to plan a healthy diet. They will work with you on choosing the right foods, and will offer counseling to help you adjust to your diet more easily.

If you're pregnant, you'll learn about the best nutrition for you and your baby. Eating nutritious foods is important for a healthy baby, as well as for a good supply of breast milk.
Being aware of food safety is especially important when you're pregnant, because certain foods can be harmful to your baby. Several types of fish may contain unhealthy amounts of mercury, which can affect your baby's development. Other foods, especially raw or unpasteurized items, should be avoided completely to lower the risk for certain types of infection such as listeriosis. Careful handwashing before food preparation will also help reduce the risk of infection.

If you have diabetes or other chronic conditions, you'll learn how to manage your condition by eating a healthy diet, setting realistic goals, and using self-management tools for ongoing success. Personalized programs are also available through one-on-one appointments with registered dietitians.
To schedule a counseling appointment, you'll need a referral from your doctor. Find a nutritionist.

If you have questions about your health plan's coverage for nutrition services, contact Member Services.