Why Choose Care at Group Health Medical Centers?

Most Group Health members have the choice of getting care from Group Health Physicians at Group Health Medical Centers and from our network of contracted providers. Care at Group Health Medical Centers allows you to get the full benefit of our nationally recognized model of patient-centered, coordinated care.

Group Health Medical Centers includes 25 full-service clinical facilities throughout the Puget Sound region and in Spokane. With more than 900 doctors, Group Health Physicians is one of the state's largest medical groups and includes hundreds of family medicine doctors and specialists in more than 60 specialties.

We also have 14 eye care centers, 6 specialty service centers, 6 urgent care centers, and behavioral health clinics.

Group Health Medical Centers Locations

Top-Ranked Doctors Providing High-Quality Care

Group Health Physicians doctors are regularly voted by their peers as the top doctors in the region. Many have training from the nation's top medical schools and many have national reputations in their fields. They could practice anywhere, but they choose to practice at Group Health.

One of the reasons is that at Group Health, they can focus on what they got into medicine to do — to help patients live healthier, better lives. Our doctors are paid salaries to do what's best for their patients, not what makes them more money or boosts corporate profits.

Provider Directory

Specialists and Specialty Care

Group Health Doctors Voted 'Top Docs'

Group Health is heralded as a national model for health care that actually delivers better health. We are proud of our national reputation as a pioneer in evidence-based medicine and applying research to clinical practice, using information technology to improve care, and defining the ideal model for delivering care for patients with chronic diseases.

Our Commitment to Quality

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Easy Access and Convenience

One-stop shopping. All of our clinical facilities have pharmacies and most of them offer a variety of specialty services, so in one visit under one roof you can get an exam, have lab work done, get an X-ray taken, fill a prescription, and schedule a follow-up visit with a specialist. All with minimal waiting and paperwork.

Online services. While all members have access to our MyGroupHealth for Members Web site, if you get your care at Group Health Medical Centers we are able to offer you more of our most compelling online services: e-mailing your doctor, refilling prescriptions; viewing your lab results, visit summaries, and other medical records; and scheduling appointments — all from the convenience of your home, office or while you're traveling 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

MyGroupHealth Online Services

Same-day appointments. Call your doctor's office in the morning and there's a good chance you can see your physician or another member of your medical team that very day.

Self-referral to specialists. You can schedule consultations with most Group Health specialists without a referral from your personal physician. Consultations with contracted specialists require a referral from your personal physician.

Seamless Coordinated Care

Everyone on your health care team — family doctor, nurses, lab techs, pharmacists, and specialists — is working together to make sure you get the best care possible. They are in close and constant communication with each other, so they're all on the same page — literally. They all have access to your electronic medical records at the click of a mouse, so they can see at a glance what conditions, symptoms or tests you've had or what drugs you're allergic to. They don't ask you the same questions over and over, and they don't order duplicate tests or, worse, drugs that might interact with each other.

Our coordinated, collaborative and patient-centered model of care — called the "medical home" — is getting national attention as a way to ensure better health at a lower cost so health care remains affordable for all of us.

Medical Home Puts Patients at Center of Care

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